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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Godzilla Encounter Update

While things are going crazy about Godzilla over at the Comic-Con. There have been several new images posted on Legendary's viral site Godzilla Encounter. Check them out.

This looks like the first in a series of historical posts about Godzilla. It's clear that Legendary is honoring the traditions of the past and may be giving us clues as to Godzilla's origins in the new film.

The irradiating of "Lucky Dragon #5" in March 1954 due to the Bikini atoll nuclear test was the real life historical event that inspired the first Godzilla film which was amazingly completed only a few months later and was released on November 9th, Culture Day in Japan. The ships chief radio operator died of Leukemia six months after the incident, before "Gojira" was even released!

Translation: "The People's Monster": In the 1960's, Godzilla became the people's/nation's monster and this natural menace became beloved by children.

Tomoyuki Tanaka, one of Godzilla's "Fathers" was the producer who first had the idea of making the monster movie which became "Gojira", in part inspired by the tragic events of Lucky Dragon #5.

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