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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Nuclear Meltdown

Earlier we saw some mysterious shots of a man with a briefcase on a factory catwalk. Now it seems this is a scene where a Japanese nuclear plant meltsdown possible reviving Godzilla?

The tragic events and nuclear aftermath of the very real tsunami disaster in Fukushima, Japan two years ago have no doubt influenced the Godzilla story and bring a chilling realism to the threat of nuclear radiation. The photos and coments below are from yvrshoots


Godzilla used an abandoned Coquitlam paper recycling plant on the Fraser River to film a couple of weeks of scenes of the Janjira nuclear power station at risk of meltdown with radioactive leaks. Is this what wakes Godzilla (plural) from their slumber? - YVRShoots







"Lead character Lieutenant Ford (Kick Ass's Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and his stepfather 'The General' (Breaking Bad窶冱 Bryan Cranston) walked through the Japanese street set littered with abandoned Japanese cars and covered in bamboo vines on a blockaded Front Street two Sundays ago."

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