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Godzilla 2014 Asian Trailer

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The King Has Awakened!

Unbelievable Godzilla 2014 Trailer Still Shot

This unbelievable still shot from the new Asian trailer speaks for itself He his a god. This is the most terrifying, savage Godzilla of all time. Nothing can withstand him. The way it's done, it really looks like a man in a suit. Godzilla returns May 16. Long Live the King!

Godzilla 2014: All Hail the King!

Another Cool Godzilla 2014 Fan Art Movie Poster

Incredible Winged Muto CG Image

Here's an incredible 3D CG image of the winged Muto monster from Godzilla 2014. It shows great detail on Godzilla's new deadly foe. The Mutos, as Godzilla can absorb and direct nuclear energy as seen in the red sections. I can't wait to see them go head to head in battle.

Awesome Godzilla 2014 vs. Muto Fan Art Movie Poster

I love this fan art poster! It shows Godzilla and Muto squaring off for battle. It was made by combining several still photos from the trailers. Wish it was real.

Godzilla 2014 and the Bridge Fan Art Image

Here's a cool Godzilla 2014 fan art. This is a CG Godzilla image superimposed on a bridge photo inspired by the scene at the Golden Gate Bridge from the movie.

Cool Woven Reed Godzilla Sculpture

Here are some shots of a cool woven reed sculpture made from pine needles. Interesting!

Godzilla 2014 Composite Image

This amazing full height image of Godzilla is a composite of images from the new Godzilla 2014 Asian Trailer. We can really get a sense of the King of the Monster's ferocious power in all his glory!

Godzilla opens May 16.

New Winged Muto Photos From The New Trailer

Here are some tantalizing new still images showing us the best details yet of the flying Muto from the new Godzilla 2014 Asian trailer. We see the huge winged Muto flying past an office window as people stare on in amazement and finally a shot of it heading straight for a waiting Godzilla in attack pose. It reminds me of Gyaos or Zigra from the old Gamera movies. The new trailer reveals Godzilla is our savior against the Muto threat;

Aaron Taylor Johnson: "Can you kill it?" (Muto)

Ken Watanabe: "I believe something can."

Aaron Taylor Johnson: "A monster?"

Sally Hawkins: "No...a God." (Godzilla)

Later Ken Watanabe sets up the climax:

"Let them fight!"

Let's get ready to rumble!  Godzilla opens May 16.

Monday, April 28, 2014

New Godzilla 2014 Asian Trailer with Muto Footage

This is the new Godzilla 2014 Asian Trailer and it's the most exciting one yet! It shows a lot more of the Mutos, especially the flying one. It also clearly states that Godzilla will be the good guy. The Mutos are the real threat and Godzilla is our dark savior. It contains awesome new footage and this exchange;

Aaron Taylor Johnson: "Can you kill it?" (Muto)

Ken Watanabe: "I believe something can."

Aaron Taylor Johnson: "A monster?"

Sally Hawkins: "No...a God." (Godzilla)

Later Ken Watanabe gives us the core of the film:

"Let them fight!"

The suspense is killing me. Will this movie get here already!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Powrful Godzilla 2014 Sea Battle Art

Here's a truly dark image of the new Godzilla 2014 inspired by the sea battle scene from the trailer. It shows Godzilla's immense(be it slightly exaggerated) size and power as his tail bounces the naval ships around like toys in a bathtub. I can't wait for this movie!

New Godzilla 2014 IMAX 3D Movie Poster

Here's the awesome new Godzilla 2014 movie poster for IMAX theaters. It shows framed by the Japanese flag in the background. A very retro style design.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Increadible Roaring Godzilla 2014 Trailer Stills

These are some incredible Godzilla 2014 trailer stills showing the big G roaring defiantly. The first is untouched from the trailer, and the last two are slightly different frames that have been lightened. This is incredible detail and shows without any doubt that the true Godzilla has returned to reclaim his throne in America. Watch out Spidey, you don't stand a chance. 

The King returns May 16th!

Godzilla 2014 vs. Pacific Rim Size Chart

This is a really cool size chart that compares Godzilla 2014 and the various Kaiju from Pacific Rim. It also includes the 1998 Godzilla and Cloverfield at about half the size of the new G. Godzilla 2014 is measured at 384 feet tall and is only beat out by the level 5 Kaiju, Blattern at 392 feet tall and the top is 2010's Kraken at a whopping 415 feet. The last two are probably more massive than G, too. It would be awesome to see a three way monster mash between Godzilla, Blattern, and the Kraken. It would be a really good match-up, but my money would still be on the reining King of the Monsters. What do you think. Leave your comments below.

Full Screen View

1954 Style Godzilla 2014 Movie Posters

Here are two awesome fan made Godzilla 2014 movie posters. The first is done in the same style as the 1954 "Gojira" movie poster. The bottom one is a good silhouette montage poster. Great work! Hurry up May 16th!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Buy Godzilla 2014 Belts Online

Looking for a unique Godzilla 2014 gift? Want to show off your Godzilla solidarity in a more subtle way than a T-shirt? Here are some cool new Godzilla 2014 officially licenced products. These fashionable, recycled, seatbelt  belts are printed with Godzilla designs on both sides and have a seatbelt style buckle. Choose from 6 different designs.  Be the first of your friends to get one of these cool belts. See who's the first to notice.

Godzilla With House Seatbelt Belt

Godzilla Black and White with Red Logo Seatbelt Belt

Godzilla Logo On Green Seatbelt Belt

Godzilla Japanese Logo Seatbelt Belt

Godzilla With Tower Seatbelt Belt

Godzilla Rising Sun Seatbelt Belt

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Buy Godzilla 2014 Birthday Party Goods

Do you have a big Godzilla fan in your family? Want to plan a Godzilla theme birthday party for the new movie from legendary Pictures? Amazon has everything covered. They have a whole line of Godzilla 2014 themed party goods. Most of these cool products come from Hard to Find Party Supplies. You'll find invitations, plates, napkins, and even cake toppers. Plan Godzilla themed party games, crafts, and presents. Here's your one stop shopping for your big G event.

Godzilla 2014 the Movie Party Invitations-8 ct

Godzilla 2014 8in Dinner Plate-8 count


Godzilla 2014 7in Dessert Plate-8 count

17 Piece Godzilla Birthday Cake Topper Set 


Godzilla 2014 the Movie Party Table Cover-1 piece

Godzilla 2014 Party Luncheon Napkin-16 count

Godzilla 2014 Party Beverage Napkin-16 count


Buy Godzilla 2014 Bandai Collection Action Figures

For one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, featuring the world's biggest monster star, Bandai America has released a whole collection of Godzilla 2014 action figures. Everything is here, from a variety of Godzilla figures, including the giant 24" Godzilla, to Packs of Destruction sets with small Muto monster figures and destructible buildings, to the cute chibi Godzilla figures. Don't wait until the movie's released on May 16 to get yours.  Order today!


Giant Size Godzilla 24" Big Action Figure

Godzilla 2014 Atomic Roar Action Figure

Godzilla 2014 Official "Courage" Trailer

This is a truly awesome "Courage"trailer for Godzilla 2014 with a montage of images and shows Godzilla's hand coming down very close to Sargent Ford's(Aaron Taylor-Johnson) position.

The finale is a close-up look of Godzilla roaring ferociously in Chinatown. I think there is more to this moment than meets the eye. I don't think Godzilla would roar so violently unless provoked. Perhaps Chinatown is the setting of a huge monster smackdown. Feel the power! Long live the King!

Godzilla 2014 Movie Pack of Destruction with Winged Muto Figure

Here is the Godzilla Movie Pack of Destruction with Muto Figure, Destructible Building and Helicopter toy from Bandai. This one features a slightly larger, winged Muto and buildings. This is one of three other Packs of Destruction, featuring miniture Godzilla and Muto. Get this one to complete your set of destruction.

Bring home the excitement of the all-new Godzilla movie! Your epic monster battles are sure to crumble cities and bring in the Armed Forces! Pack features one (1) figure, one (1) destructible building, and one (1) helicopter.

Godzilla 2014 Movie 3 Inch PVC Muto Figure

This is the Godzilla 2014 Movie 3 Inch PVC Muto Figure from Bandai. This lone 3 inch monster s the same from the Destruction Packs which also include destructible buildings. Battle Godzilla's deadly foe anywhere with this convenient sized toy.

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