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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Buy Godzilla 2014 Belts Online

Looking for a unique Godzilla 2014 gift? Want to show off your Godzilla solidarity in a more subtle way than a T-shirt? Here are some cool new Godzilla 2014 officially licenced products. These fashionable, recycled, seatbelt  belts are printed with Godzilla designs on both sides and have a seatbelt style buckle. Choose from 6 different designs.  Be the first of your friends to get one of these cool belts. See who's the first to notice.

Godzilla With House Seatbelt Belt

Godzilla Black and White with Red Logo Seatbelt Belt

Godzilla Logo On Green Seatbelt Belt

Godzilla Japanese Logo Seatbelt Belt

Godzilla With Tower Seatbelt Belt

Godzilla Rising Sun Seatbelt Belt

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