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Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Japanese Godzilla Movie in 2016!

We've known for awhile that Toho, the Japanese studio that created the iconic Godzilla series is planning a revival of the King of the Monsters. This all comes in the wake of the hugely successful Legendary Pictures "Godzilla" by director Gareth Edwards. Godzilla earned $525 million worldwide and $26 million in Japan. Edwards is already signed to direct Godzilla 2 for 2018, but Japan isn't going to wait that long. With renewed interest in Godzilla, Toho feels it's time to bring an all new Japanese Godzilla to the world. 

The new film is scheduled for a 2016 release and recently Toho announced the project will be co-directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi. Anno is famous in Japan for creating the Neon Genesis: Evangelion anime series and directed the recent Evangelion movies that are a re-telling of the stories. Higuchi's work should be well-known to kaiju fans as he was special effects director the Gamera trilogy of the 1990s directed by Shunske Kaneko. Higushi has gain more attention in recently as he is helming the live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan manga and anime.

Anno and Higuchi have been long time friends and recently collaborated on the impressive short film, Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo. It is set in modern day and is a kind of prequel to the famous Animated feature Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and tries to show the origin of the giant warrior "men" that destroy the world. Watching it, one can't help but think that the two men were making a resume for a future Godzilla film. Some destruction sequences are obvious re-enactments from old Godzilla movies and astute fans will even recognize specific sound effects pulled directly from the old Showa series. Anno and Higuchi's backgrounds make them perfectly suited to take up the mantle for a new Godzilla in 2016. Along with the announcement was an image of Godzilla's foot with a never before scene 5th toe. In addition, Toho said Godzilla 2016 will break 2014's size record of 108 meters(354 feet). Making him the biggest Godzilla of all time!. We'll soon see two Godzilla franchises running at the same time on both sides of the Pacific...(joygasm)

Follow the link to watch the short film, Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Realistic Godzilla 2014 Suit

This is an awesome image of a real Godzilla walking in the fog. Amazing!

China Box Office: ‘Godzilla’ Continues Weekend Rampage

Godzilla 2014 Fan Art Round-Up

Here's an awesome round-up of some great Godzilla 2014 fan art images, each with a different take. Which is your favorite? Long live the king!

Epic Godzilla vs. Muto Panel

This is a classic confrontation, the alpha predator, the King of the Monsters against his deadly nemesis, Muto.

Funny Godzilla Fan Art

Yes, Godzilla is the King of the Monsters, but he has a funny, lighter side, too. Here's a selection of some great art that takes a comedic look at our serious monster. enjoy

Cute and sexy Godzilla

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gareth Edwards to Direct Godzila 2 and 3

With his smash hit Godzilla by Legendary Pictures, soft spoken, and virtually unknown director Gareth Edwards has been thrust into the limelight and the big times. His only film prior to Godzilla was Monsters, a low budget, independent sci-fi movie about alien invaders which won rave reviews and turned heads in Hollywood.

Now Edwards talent for making monster movies has been proven at the box office. Godzilla has already made over $112 million domestically and nearly double that overseas.

As recently reported on Godzilla Movies, Legendary Pictures has confirmed Edwards is set to direct Godzilla 2 and 3, as well as the Star Wars spin off movies. They already have story ideas for Godzilla 2, but it's still early in development and they don't even have a script yet.

The web is all a buzz as to what kind of story or monsters will be in the sequel. In an article on KDrama Stars via JapNation AniManga, it was reported that in selected Asian countries and not in the US, there was a post credits scene to Godzilla. It showed an army of flying Muto being led by Mothra who creates hurricane force winds with her wings.

Also, in a Cinema Blend interview, Godzilla star Aaron Taylor-Johnson suggested Mothra as a possible sequel monster. There was also apparently an Easter egg scene in Godzilla where the Fords return to their abandoned home and there was a long dead moth inside an old terrarium.

Mothra is one of Godzilla's greatest adversaries. She's the complete opposite of Godzilla, beautiful, graceful, and benevolent; a guardian goddess. Will the Mothra appear in Godzilla 2? I personally doubt the rumors. Although beloved by fans, I think it would be difficult to make Mothra a believable monster to modern American audiences. She's a giant moth for goodness sake. The name itself is a play on words. Also, Mothra is too similar physically to the flying Muto.

But there's a deeper reason. Mothra is a benevolent monster-goddess defending mankind. She first battled Godzilla at a time when he was clearly the villain. But Gareth Edwards's Godzilla comes out as the hero, saving us from the 'evil' Muto. To keep Mothra's character intact, you'd need to do a role-reversal for Godzilla. Or, heaven forbid, make Mothra bad.

No, I think we're more likely to see another of Godzilla's foes resurrected. Probably a space monster, King Ghidorah I hope. The genetically morphing Gryphon monster would be great too. That unmade monster was dropped from an earlier script of the Tri-Star Godzilla movie. Only time will tell who Godzilla will fight next, but one thing is certain, the King of the Monsters will return.

The Lighter Side of Godzilla 2014

Here are a few hilarious images that poke a little fun at the serious King of the Monsters.

First, imagine Godzilla as a family orientated, romantic comedy that helps bring the human characters together. "Godzilla: He's big, He's green. He's lovable."

Godzilla doesn't like any kaiju hanky panky. (Personally, I think He's just jealous.)

This one is very telling. It shows Godzilla 2014 flying backwards in pursuit of the Mutos in the same style as Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster. Actually, the director of Smog Monster in 1971 was Yoshimitsu Banno. This silly scene enraged Godzilla producer Tomoyuki Tanaka so much, he banned Banno from ever working on a Godzilla film again. However, it was Banno who was instrumental in bringing the Godzilla 2014 project to America and was executive producer. I guess Banno got the last laugh. Still, I'm happy this scene never appeared in the film.

Just goes to sow Wall Street doesn't know diddly about Godzilla!

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