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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Exclusive Gareth Edwards Interview from SDCC 2013

Recently, Shock Till You Drop featured an exclusive interview with Godzilla 2014 director Gareth Edwards at the San Diego Comic-con. He doesn't reveal a lot, but comments on topics such as Godzilla's design, atomic breath, writer Frank Darabont, and more.

First of all, the "bear" Godzilla design statue we've seen featured at the Godzilla Encounter is not the final version in the movie, but pretty close...probably.

He had glowing things to say about writer Frank Darabont. The Shawshank Redemption scribe is well known writing emotionally charged characters. He did a "4 week polish" to flesh out the characters from the main script written by Max Borenstein. Edwards talks about one key scene in the movie that's really emotional and that scene helped sign on actors Bryan Cranston and Julliette Binoche.

"When you read it, you're like, Oh my God, and when we shot it, there were people welling up."

About Godzilla's personality, he said he's getting to know Godzilla better now that they're adding him into the special effects after principal shooting finished. He said.

"He's an anti-hero.  I wouldn't describe him as a good guy, but he's not evil personified.  He's the punishment we deserve, you know?"

Unfortunately, Edwards hinted that Godzilla may not have his trademark atomic breath. He said that the only big buy he's asking of the audience is giant monsters exist. He said there is a nuclear element is the movie, but they want to keep it real.

Please visit the link at the top to read the full article. And stay tuned because there is likely to be a trailer shown at the panel later today!

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