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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Incredible Godzilla 2014 "Let Them Fight!" Video Clip

Godzilla vs. Muto

This is an absolutely incredible video clip from the new Godzilla 2014 movie. It features Ken Watanabe and shows us why he is so important to the story. The military has obviously been unable to stop the monsters, so they are going with Watanabe's plan to let Godzilla and Muto battle each other. David Strathairn's General speaks to Watanabe and says:

"This Alpha Predator of yours Dr., Do you really think he has a chance?" Watanabe then gives his already famous quote from the movie,

"The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around."

and then...

"Let them fight!"

Then we see Muto flying through sky scrapers and Godzilla rising between the buildings to take on the challenger. You can see it in Godzilla's eyes;

"Bring it on!"

This will be the biggest movie of the summer!

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