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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Godzilla Atomic Breath Movie Stills

Here are a couple of incredible movie stills from Godzilla 2014. Godzilla uses his trademark atomic breath to kill the Muto monsters. The top image shows Godzilla firing on the Female Muto in the climactic final battle scene. The bottom image shows a Godzilla meme posted on Facebook comparing King Kong's T-rex battle with Godzilla ripping open the male Muto's mouth and firing his atomic breath at point blank range, the kiss of death. I don't care for the meme, but it shows the image pretty clearly. Below s a fan art of the same scene. I'm really glad Godzilla used his atomic breath in this movie. If e didn't have it, it wouldn't be Godzilla. Go see this movie now!

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