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Monday, December 9, 2013

M.U.T.O. Viral Site Tricks and Videos

Earlier today, the new M.U.T.O. viral website was launched by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures tantalizing us with confusing clues and cryptic messages. It's similar to the viral site they made for Pacific Rim.

The site looks like you are accessing classified military information. Then a video comes on and plays. You  can briefly see soldiers in a military compound near a huge radiation door. Later, there is a M.U.T.O. Console where you can type in keywords and get different responses. For example, if you type in the name "Godzilla" or any other Toho Kaiju, it says;

Or, if you type, "Serizawa", the Dr. from the original Gojira and also the hidden message from the Godzilla Encounter site, it says Welcome back Dr. Serizawa and says recovery mode has backed up your draft in progress. Also, if you type actor Ken Watanabe, it asks you, "Did you mean Serizawa?" Watanabe seems to be playing the Dr. by that name. Is Serizawa working for M.U.T.O.? The site is fun for a while, but gets frustrating. I'm sure it will be changing and updating regularly from now and after the trailer. Stay tuned and check out the videos below.

Stay tuned in here for the new trailer and developments.

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