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Friday, December 6, 2013

Hitler Complains About Godzilla 2014 Marketing

Here's a hilarious video about Hitler complaining how partner Warner Bros. is promoting Legendary Pictures Godzilla reboot. It pretty much sums up fans frustration, including my own about the marketing strategy or lack there of on Warner Bros. part. Many fans, myself included had believed rumors there would be a trailer released online on Nov. 3rd, Godzilla Day and the 59th anniversary of the release of the original Gojira. That didn't happen. Then there were rumors that the trailer would be released with Thor 2: The Dark World. That didn't happen either. It was reported that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures(especially CEO Thomas Tull) had a falling out and are parting company. This may be one of the last big pictures the studios collaborate on. I'm just speculating, but I wonder if Legendary, or Gareth Edwards himself was responsible for the two leaked trailers that appeared online earlier this year: Leaked Trailer #1, Leaked Trailer #2. Personally, I believe they lost valuable hype building opportunities.

However, it is confirmed that the Official Godzilla 2014 trailer WILL be released with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on Friday Dec. 13(about one week from now). Anyway, until then enjoy Hitler's rant.

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