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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Godzilla Rocks! (Literally) ゴジラ岩


I've lived in Japan for over a decade, but just recently, I saw this. This was the picture on the cover of my wife's latest JAF(Japanese Automotive Federation) magazine. JAF is like AAA in the States. I soon learned there are at least three all natural rock formations in Japan that bear the name "Gojira iwa" or "Godzilla Rock". This first one is from the magazine. It's located in Akita Prefecture 秋田県 in northern Japan, on the 男鹿 otokoshika peninsula. It's really impressive in sunset, but even in the light of day, it's cool.


Number two is a towering full bodied Godzilla located in the area of Shiretoko 知床 in Hokkaido Prefecture北海道, the northernmost island of Japan. There's not much definition in the face, but what makes this one unique is it's located in the middle of town, not the coastline.

Number three is in Ishikawa Prefecture 石川県, which is on the Sea of Japan Coast near the Nodo Peninsula. This one has a bubbly coarse texture more like Godzilla's own skin. It looks like he's reaching his hand up to his face. Which one is your favorite?

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