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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen Interview

Here's another San Diego Comic-co 2013 interview with Godzilla 2014 stars Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston. This one comes from Cosmic Book News.

At the beginning of the video and again at the 1:45 mark is an interview with Sullivan Stapleton (300: Rise of an Empire) and you can see a peek of Godzilla 2014 director Gareth Edwards in the background smiling shyly at the camera.

At about the 3:30 mark, Bryan Cranston talks about Godzilla as a very character driven film:

"By investing in these characters it's a richer experience for the audience."

Elizabeth Olsen says about the story:

"It's driven by a narrative, by a family" The story is told from the characters perspective.."if it really would happen."

Later Cranston reassured us the new Godzilla will have a very nuclear theme.:

"It revolves around the concept of energy..nuclear energy." "Whenever you think you can contain an energy like that, perhaps you're being foolish, and Godzilla teaches us that."

Everything I hear about this production just gets me more and more excited. This will be a movie for everyone, not just fans. Godzilla 2014 will be a spectacular effects monster film, centered on a solid, human story. I can't wait!

Godzilla stomps into theaters May 16,(Friday) 2014.

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