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Friday, October 12, 2012

Giant Monsters back in Vogue?

Could we be on the verge of a new golden age of giant movie monsters? For half a century, the west has been consuming and at the same time belittling the stream of giant monster fantasy films (kaiju eiga) from Japan featuring actors in a rubber suit. Americans have had a love/hate relationship with these films, but seemed unable to produce their own. The only giant monster movie produced in America in the Japanese style was Zarkorr, The Invader (1996). Later there was the dissapointing American Godzilla(1998) by Ronald Emmerich. Japan could rest assured it had the corner on the market.

Welcome to 2012. Not only with Legendary Pictures and Gareth Edwards making the "Godzilla 2014" reboot, and Guillermo Del Toro doing the same with "Pacific Rim", but producer Adrian Askarieh (“Hitman”) and director Andre Avredal (“Trollhunter”) are bringing the comic book series, "Enormous" to the big screen. "Enormous" is about marauding giant monsters that destroy civilization after an ecological disaster.

It seems Hollywood movie makers are finally ready to take on these giant films that pay homage to the classic B-movies from Japan, in a modern way. Mainstream America is learning what we Kaiju fans have known for years, giant monsters are where it's at. This seems to be the next big thing is Hollywood. zombies are out, superheros are getting old, giant monsters are in. Here's the original article from The Examiner

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