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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Godzilla 2014 at Comic Con International

Comic-con, San Diego,  July 15, 2012:

Yes, everyone, The Godzilla 2014 reboot is still a go. Legendary Pictures held a Godzilla 2014 discussion panel with director Gareth Edwards and also released an official teaser poster with the word "Godzilla", and "Gojira" in Japanese in the background. The poster is the first official image released from Legendary since their Godzilla illustration in 2010. Most exciting of all, they showed a teaser trailer. The trailer is not available yet online, but an attendee snapped a still photo of Godzilla, pretty cool stuff. Here's the poster and the still image. I've also included a short video of Edwards talking about the film. He said he's always wanted to do a Godzilla film and this one is "realistic" and "grounded", not a sci-fi film.


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