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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Godzilla Day-November 3rd ゴジラの日

Hey everyone, I've been living in Japan for over a decade, but I just found this out the other day. November 3rd is a national holiday in Japan called Bunka no hi, 文化の日(Culture Day). But among other things, it's also known as Gojira no hi, ゴジラの日, (Godzilla Day)! I saw some guy tried to start a Godzilla Day on Facebook on March 6th. I don't know where he got that date from, but Japan already had one. For you trivia geeks out there, November 3rd marks the opening day of the original "Gojira" in 1954. So, how will you celebrate? The Godzilla 2014 movie coming from Legendary Pictures will celebrate Godzilla's 60th anniversary. There's also talk of a new Japanese Godzilla film. Could we have two Godzillas on either side of the Pacific coming out at the same time? Everyone show your support and celebrate Godzilla Day on November 3rd. Long live the King!

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