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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sally Hawkins Godzilla 2014 Experience, "Mind Blowing"

Recently Fan Carpet reported that British actress Sally Hawkins(Blue Jasmine) said her experience working on Godzilla 2014 was "mind blowing". She plays a scientist acting opposite stars Aaron Taylor-Jophnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Brian Cranston. She said:

"I didn't actually get to play with Godzilla much," she said. "He is quite big and scaly and frightening. I think I saw his eye once on green screen through a window.
It was a blast. I do mainly small British films so to be planted in Godzilla-land for a few months was amazing."
 It also stars international talents Juliette Binoche, and Ken Watanabe and is directed by Gareth Edwards. 
Godzilla opens in theaters May 16, 2014.

5 Reasons 'Godzilla' 2014 will be a Huge Hit

Official Godzilla Design Revealed at Godzilla Encounters Event!!

Return of the King!
15 years ago, Tri-star and Sony brought us the first ever American Godzilla movie starring Matthew Broderick and directed by Ronald Emmerich. Although it was a financial success, "Godzilla" was a disappointment with critics and fans alike. Emmerich created outstanding special effects and a giant rampaging monster that was Godzilla in name only. The creature spent most of the film running and hiding from the military. Fan sentiment was pretty much the same; "That was a cool monster, but that wasn't Godzilla." More to the point, nobody involved in the picture was a fan or cared anything about the original material. They were out to make their "own" Godzilla.

Now fast forward to July 2013, "Pacific Rim" by Guillermo del Toro is released, a sci-fi action movie about evil giant "kaiju" and heroic robot "jaegers" that do battle over the Earth. It's a tribute to kaiju eiga, "Japanese giant monster movies" that started with Godzilla and spawned many sequels as well as numerous imitators like Gamera and Ultraman. The movie was a big success at home and abroad.
Then, only a couple of weeks after it's release, there was the annual San Diego Comic-con where Legendary Pictures(the same studio that made Pacific Rim) unveiled next year's  Godzilla reboot by Gareth Edwards. They had an amusement park like exhibit, the "Godzilla Encounter" which took participants inside a Godzilla attack, with glimpses of the new monster. The also had a Godzilla panel with the main cast and a teaser trailer(not released to the general public) with footage from the movie. The time is ripe for a new America movie. I've been following the development of this film since the news first broke in 2010 and updating news through this website and let me tell you, this is going to be a huge international success that will be loved by fans and casual moviegoers alike. I predict it'll be one of the biggest movies of 2014 and even give Avengers a run for it's money. Here are 5 reasons why it'll be a huge success:

Gareth Edwards, Godzilla 2014 director1. The Director--Gareth Edwards may not be well known now, but after next year, get used to hearing his name. The soft-spoken, almost shy British director made a very small movie that made a very big splash. 2010's Monsters, about the aftermath of an invasion of large, tentacled, aliens was made on a shoestring budget and was filmed with a crew of 5 including 2 actors. It was filmed using handheld cameras on locations throughout Central and South America. It was acclaimed by critics, made a financial success, and turned heads in Hollywood. I think of Edwards as the "Anti-Bay"(Michael). The Michael Bays of the world think all you have to do is throw a bunch of dazzling special effects in the audiences' face and that will distract them from the fact that; 1. The story doesn't make any sense and 2. We don't care anything about the characters. Edwards is different and knows how to make a good monster movie. You start with the human characters, you develop them and get to know and care for them. You allude to the monsters, but only show fleeting glimpses that creates an atmosphere of fear and builds suspense. Edwards' background is in visual effects and Godzilla is sure to be a special effects extravaganza, but he knows how to use them effectively, sometimes sparingly to tell the story. But, you don't have to take my word for it, listen to what the cast has to say:

Lead actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson said that despite the fact it's a multi-million dollar picture,  "The Godzilla crew is such a small group of people that it feels more like an independent movie than anything I've ever worked on."
He also said he did very little green screen work and that Edwards is very clever at special effects. Most shots were on location and they will build the effects around that.

Co-star Elizabeth Olsen said much the same and, "it was going to be a fun ride to be a part of; it has a strong character narrative, but at the same time it satisfies the destruction and all that. It looks amazing."

In interview, Edwards said that no matter what scene they were shooting, whether there was a monster in it or not, they always tried to tell the story from an emotional point of view. Then when they went back to add the special effects, "‘I completely forgot there’s a whole other layer to this!’ We have been painstakingly worrying about the characters and their journey and on top of that is this spectacle embedded in the whole film – and it makes you feel really good.”

Official Godzilla 2014 Image2. The Studio--In March 2010, Legendary Pictures and partner Warner Bros. jointly announced that they were developing a new Godzilla reboot picture. This is the same collaboration that created such great films as, The Dark Knight, 300, and Inception. Thomas Tull, chairman and CEO of Legendary Pictures said,

“Godzilla is one of the world's most powerful pop culture icons, and we at Legendary are thrilled to be able to create a modern epic based on this long-loved Toho franchise…Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see. We intend to do justice to those essential elements that have allowed this character to remain as pop-culturally relevant for as long as it has."

Legendary was keen to make clear that their film would a reboot and have no connection to the previous American Godzilla. Since then, they've maintained that commitment to be true to the original character and work with people who are fans. Producer Brian Rogers first brought the project to Legendary and had been trying to develop a Godzilla project for years. He was working closely with Yoshmitsu Banno, Toho Pictures Executive and director of Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster(1971). Also, when Gareth Edwards got the call from Legendary to offered him the job as director, he just happened to staring at his "Gojira" DVD on the shelf. They've been developing it carefully for the past 4 years. In the meantime, Legendary also made Pacific Rim to get audiences warmed up to giant monsters again and get things ready for return of the King. Godzilla is a tent-pole film for Legendary and they have a lot riding on it. They want to make sure it's a big success and start a new American Godzilla franchise.

Godzilla 2014 Official Design Photos3. The Story/Script--Godzilla co-star Bryan Cranston said:

"We think that you'll be able to wipe the memory of the old Godzilla, 12 years ago.. or whatever that was, right, completely out of your system. This Godzilla is very different. A very, character-driven Monster movie.." 

The creators of the film pulled heavily from the original Gojira(1954). In that first film, Godzilla was a dark force of nature, a metaphor for the atomic bomb and the misuse of technology. Legendary's Godzilla will have a very similar tone and message. Elizabeth Olsen said:

"It's about us attempting to control nature and it just ultimately not working out in the end..."

There will also be a lot of action. And don't worry, there are other monsters for Godzilla to fight. Based on filming details, we know Godzilla appears in Japan and later attacks an aircraft carrier, Godzilla battles a spider like monster in an airport, Waikiki beach is destroyed by some giant beast(s) and the climactic battle takes place in San Fransisco.

Here's the official plot synopsis from Legendary Pictures:
"An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, pits the world's most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence."

An attendee of the Comic-con teaser trailer made a sketch of the spider monster and posted it online, described by one attendee as similar to the Cloverfield monster, but with long, spindly legs

For a monster movie, the Godzilla script has been penned and rewritten by some of the best screenwriters in the business. In this day and age, it's normal for a big-budget movie to get several re-writes by different authors. The original story credit will go to David Goyer who wrote Batman Begins, Man of Steel, and has been announced as the writer for both Superman vs. Batman, and Justice League. Max Borenstein was brought in to write the main script from Goyer's idea. Borenstein also wrote Legendary's upcoming Seventh Son and Jimi, a Jimi Hendrix bio picture. Later, Drew Pearce(Iron Man 3) touched up Borenstein's script in a '4 week polish'. Lastly, Frank Darabont(Shawshank Redemption, Walking Dead) fleshed out some of the characters and add more emotional depth to the story which is his specialty. The result is an emotionally charged, character driven story about humans trying to survive in a world of giant monsters.

4. The Cast--When planning Godzilla, director Gareth Edwards wrote down a list of his 'dream cast' and it's said that he got everyone on his list. The story will focus on the movies three main characters, Lietenant Ford played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson(Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2, Avengers: Age of Ultron), his nurse wife played by Elizabeth Olsen(Martha Marcy May Marlene) and his stepfather scientist played by Bryan Cranston(Breaking Bad). In addition, there is an international supporting cast, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, and Sally Hawkins. These are some pretty heavy hitters with great acting credentials. There sure to deliver great performances in an emotional story.

Godzilla 2014 Official Design Photos5. The Monster-- This is probably the part that people are most concerned about. 1998's Godzilla design was a complete departure from the traditional elements that make Godzilla. Legendary Pictures stated they would honor the original design, but at San Diego's Comic-con this year, we got to see it, or at least very close. The 'Godzilla Encounter' event/exhibit displayed earlier design sculptures and a brief view of the new Godzilla as it walked past the window. Edwards said it was pretty close to the final design. It looks like Godzilla. It's a bipedal creature  with dorsal plates, a tapering neck, and small head with red, feral eyes. Later, a promotional poster in Brazil showed Godzilla's face. We can rest assured that this monster will be original, but recognizable as the king of the monsters.
Official Godzilla 2014 Design Revealed on Brazilian PosterGodzilla 2014 Insect Monster Foe Sketches

So, there you have it. This will be a Godzilla movie that remains faithful to the original character, has an emotional, character driven story with great special effects and a stellar cast of performers. Legendary really has a winner on their hands. We are seeing the beginning of a whole new golden age of kaiju movies, now from American fans of Japan's most beloved and recognizable star. 

Godzilla 2014 Cast Photo

Here's a great picture of the three main cast members for Godzilla 2014 at the San Diego Comic-con. The lead character Lieutenant Ford is played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson(Kick-Ass). His nurse wife by Elizabeth Olsen(Martha Marcy May Marlene), and his stepfather by Bryan Cranston(Breaking Bad). The story focuses on these three and the journey they go on together.

Godzilla opens May 16, 2014

From left: Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Bryan Cranston

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Deviant Art Selection

Here's a selection of great Godzilla 2014 fan art based on the new design. Which is your favorite? Leave your comments below or post in the Godzilla 2014 Forum.


Kongzilla 2010

Kaiju Samurai


guyver 94

Friday, September 27, 2013

Godzilla 2014 vs.King Ghidorah Fan Art

What would happen if the new Godzilla (2014) went up against King Ghidorah? A pictures worth a thousand words. The new Godzilla will be an unstoppable bad-ass.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

4 Reasons a Pacific Rim/Godzilla Crossover is a Bad Idea

You can feel it in the air, Kaiju fever is starting to take hold. With Pacific Rim's release and San Diego Comic-con's Godzilla(2014) Encounter, Panel, and teaser trailer both in July, it wasn't long before everyone was talking crossover. Ignore the fact that Godzilla hasn't even been released yet. With the wild success of Avengers, Hollywood is more open to crossover than ever. Even Pacific Rim's director, Guillermo del Toro said he would be interested in a crossover of the two franchises. Godzilla director Gareth Edwards was rather non-committal to the idea. Well, it might sound fun, but there are several reasons why a crossover wouldn't work.

1. The movies are too different--The directors' style and tone of the movies is quite different. Pacific Rim was an action-packed kaiju adventure, lots of robots, kaiju, battles and of course, destruction. It brought all your childhood monster fantasies to life from the days when your crashed your robot and dinosaur toys together in mortal combat. It was very satisfying on a visceral level. Legendary's Godzilla will take a different direction. Edwards promises that this Godzilla will be "grounded" and "realistic". Instead of creating a new world where lots of kaiju exist, He imagines what would happen if giant monsters really existed in this one. There will be other monsters for Godzilla to fight and the special effects are sure to be spectacular, but the story focuses on the human drama and character development. We will get to know and care about the characters before the monsters fight. Also, just as with the original "Gojira", the new Godzilla will have social and moral dimension,  Whereas the Kaiju in Pacific Rim are alien invaders from someplace else, and our technology is used to fight against them, Godzilla was created by us. He represents the misuse of technology in our attempt to control nature and nature's resulting backlash. Legendary is also keen to make it clear this new movie has no relation to the disappointing 1998 Godzilla film

2. It wouldn't be good for Pacific Rim--Del Toro was inspired by Godzilla and other kaiju eiga, but his movie is an original concept he developed. He created a whole new universe about how the kaiju came here and why, and how we fight back with "jaegers"and his interesting mind "drift" concept between the two pilots. So, after you've just created this interesting little universe, the last thing you want to do is adhere it someone else's universe. Del Toro should develop his franchise his way and not worry about what the other guy is doing.

3. Godzilla doesn't need it--Whereas Pacific Rim was an original idea, Godzilla is an established character with a long history and other equally famous kaiju opponents, Mothra, King Ghidorah, etc. He's got name recognition, the big boy on the block. and I don't really see how Godzilla as a franchise would have anything to gain from a Pacific Rim  crossover. Edwards will definitely put his own stamp on this film, but for future sequels, he's got a lot of material to pull from.

4. The studio wouldn't go for it--Pacific Rim and Godzilla are both Legendary properties. Why combine them into one franchise when you can have two running at the same time? It's better business sense. Also I'm sure it's no accident that Pacific Rim was released first. This is better for both movies. If Pacific Rim came out after Godzilla, it would look like Del Toro's just copying it. And if Godzilla opened out of the blue, maybe not as many people would see it. Let Pacific Rim go first and get people thinking about giant monsters again an start building the hype for Godzilla next year. Godzilla first started development in 2010 with an initial 2012 release date, but later it got pushed back to 2014 for probably this exact reason.

OK, enough Scrooge. All this being said, I understand why everyone was talking crossover. It's not so much that fans want to see the two franchises together as much as they want to see Gypsy Danger fight Godzilla. Gypsy Danger is American, Godzilla comes from Japan. We want to see our homegrown underdog go up against the champ. Even Guillermo del Toro's comment was probably coming more as a fan than a director. So, for the time being, let's leave the Gyspy Danger/Godzilla fight to the fan art, comics, and homemade stop motion videos. Besides, if they did fight, we all know who would win....right?!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston Reveal More About Godzilla 2014

Godzilla Movies posted a video interview with Godzilla 2014 stars, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston who reveal more tidbits about the new Legendary Pictures movie. The video is subtitled in Spanish and comes via Omelete Entravista. Here are some great quotes, then watch the video below:

Elizabeth Olsen revealed her character's name, Elle Brody, a nurse and wife to Lieutenant Ford(Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and mother to their son. She says this Godzilla brings it back to the root of the original Gojira:

"It's about us attempting to control nature and it just ultimately not working out in the end...There's a awesome grittiness to this film and a nice well as amazing special effects."

Bryan Cranston says:

"We think that you'll be able to wipe the memory of the old Godzilla, 12 years ago.. or whatever that was, right, completely out of your system. This Godzilla is very different. A very, character-driven Monster movie.." 

He then reveals a little more about his character and the plot. He says he's playing a scientist in Japan-when he discovers some anomalies in the 'Sonar signaling patterns' and he's just starting the investigation when all hell breaks loose!

The official plot synopsis from Legendary Pictures:
"An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, pits the world's most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence."

Godzilla Stomps into Theaters May 16. 2014. We can't wait!

”Godzilla and Hiroshima” Documentary Being Produced with Trailer

It was reported recently over at Monster Island News, that there is a new Godzilla documentary being made called Godzilla and Hiroshima: The Dawn of the Kaiju Eiga in of all places, Spain.

Spanish Producer/Director Jonathon Belles is creating the film, which is actually his doctoral project. Belles is putting the project together through his company Producciones 451, based in Valencia, Spain.. The documentary will explore the historical origins of "Gojira"(1954) and it's connection to events during and after the war. It will also include Gamera, Ultraman, and other genre monsters.

Belles intends to travel to Japan, America, and elsewhere to interview actors, producers, critics, and others. He also said he plans on visiting the Peace Park in Hiroshima, and the actual Lucky Dragon no.5.

The Lucky Dragon no.5 was the Japanese fishing boat that wandered into the restricted zone of the Bikini Atoll on March 1st, 1954, when the U.S. detonated a 15 megaton H-bomb test. Although the tuna boat was 100 miles east of the atoll, it was showered with radioactive fallout ash and many of the crew became ill. This event is what in part inspired the story for Gojira. The Chief radio operator died in September from Leukemia and several more crew members died later from radiation related illnesses. Amazingly, Gojira was released in November of the same year. Gojira was a huge success and ushered in a era of fantasy films about giant monsters.

Godzilla and Hiroshima: The Dawn of the Kaiju Eiga appears to be an English production and Belles hopes to release it in Summer 2014. The timing is in no doubt to ride the wave of enthusiasm after the release of Gareth Edward's Godzilla on May 16, 2014. He's also recently released a trailer. Please watch below.

Alexandre Desplat to Score Godzilla 2014

It was reported by First Showing, that Alexandre Desplat has been chosen by Gareth Edwards and Legendary Pictures to compose the Godzilla reboot next year. The French born Desplat is one of the most respected composers in Hollywood. The eclectic, 5 time Oscar nominee has scored such various films as, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1,2, Moonrise Kingdom, and Argo.

In a 2011 interview he said he always likes to do something different:

"The key is not to do twice in a row the same kind of film. And if you look at my filmography, I never do twice..."

Desplat's appointment has no doubt raised some eyebrows in Hollywood. This, plus the script's pedigree, penned by Drew Pierce, Max Borenstein, and Frank Darabont hints that Gareth Edwards' Godzilla will be more intimate and have more depth of emotion than your average action movie or monster flick. We can expect good things on the way. I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Godzilla 2014 "is Gonna be Really F****n Cool": Elizabeth Olsen

As reported recently at Cosmic Book News, Godzilla 2014 star Elizabeth Olsen is quoted as saying:

"This one is going to be really fucking cool, It will be nothing like any [other] American Godzilla."

Olsen will be starring opposite Aaron Taylor-Johnson(lieutenant Ford) and Bryan Cranston(Ford's stepfather). She's playing Ford's wife, a nurse and mother to their son. The trio are the core of the human story and cast that also includes Juliette Binoche and Ken Watanabe.

In a previous interview Olsen said that director Gareth Edward hand picked his "dream cast" and got everyone on his list. She was very grateful to be a part of that list. She also said about the movie:

"The script was in good taste" and "it was going to be a fun ride to be a part of; it has a strong character narrative, but at the same time it satisfies the destruction and all that. It looks amazing."

It seems Edwards is promising to present a movie that has an emotional story with strong characters, but also will be an action packed ride that revives one of the world's most beloved monster characters.

Godzilla stomps into theaters May 16, 2014

Godzilla 2014 Teaser Trailers Re-Creation

Mike Keller was an attendee at last year's and this year's San Diego Comic-Con. He saw the teaser trailers shown for Godzilla 2014 and re-created them to the best of his memory. The first is a revised version of the 2012's teaser trailer and the second is a new re-creation of the 2013 trailer. Before showing the scene of Godzilla confronting a giant insect monster at an airport, he tells us about the new human action scenes with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, and Ken Watanabe. It's the est re-creation I've seen. It'll have to do until the real trailers are released. Thanks Mike!

X-men's Bryan Singer to Develop a New Kaiju Series for Syfy

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim a big hit at theaters and Gareth Edward's Godzilla reboot gearing up for 2014, it seems the trend is clear, giant monsters(kaiju) are back in vogue. Gojira,(1954) started it all. The first Kaiju film was a dark metaphorical story that brought the world Godzilla, King of the Monsters. The movie spawned numerous sequels and ushered in a whole era of fantasy movies about giant monsters. 

That was long ago, but things are coming around again. It was recently reported on blastr and Giant Freakin Robot, director Bryan Singer( X-Men, X-Men 2, X-Men, Days of Future Past) is developing a new modern-day Kaiju series for the Syfy channel entitled Creature at Bay. The story is set in a small town in the the aftermath of a giant kaiju attack. 

Creature At Bay is set in the wake of the US military taking down a giant, rampant creature — a modern-day “Kaiju” monster – just off the Northern California coast. A middle-management Undersecretary from the California Emergency Management Agency is charged with leading the clean-up efforts as the small town becomes the focus of the entire world.

Creature at Bay will first be made as a 90 minute pilot and hopefully will continue as a series. Singer is set to produce and writer John Cabrera(H+) is scripting the pilot. 

All this reminds me of a report last year that Producer Adrian Askarieh (Hitman) and director Andre Avredal (Trollhunter) were taking on the comic book property Enormous and developing a feature film. Enormous is about marauding giant monsters that destroy civilization after an ecological disaster. Could this be the beginning of a new golden age of giant monster movies? I certainly hope so.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Movie Poster at Amazon

New Official Godzilla 2014 Teaser Poster!

Recently, the Godzilla 2014 Teaser poster we first saw at Comic-con was offered at I know at least one person who got one, over at the Godzilla 3D Facebook page posted a picture of it. He said it was $8.00. This is only the 2nd Official Godzilla 2014 product I've seen offered to the general public after the Godzilla poster T-shirt, available at Hot Topic.


Godzilla 2014 Director Gareth Edwards Talks "Destroy All Monsters" Sequel

New Official Godzilla 2014 Teaser Poster!

Recently, Godzilla 2014 director Gareth Edwards was interviewed by screen rant about the making of the film and a possible sequel.

Among other things, he said that no matter what scene they were filming, they always tried to look at it from an emotional point of view;

“I think the trick is not to think of the special effects or anything – and just think that this is really happening and there are giant monsters. Ask, ‘What would be the best story to tell that always involves humans?’ I don’t separate the two in my mind. You just picture the movie. What was so refreshing was that we would shoot scenes that sometimes had the creature in it and sometimes didn’t, but we would desperately try to make it work from an emotional point of view. Then, in the evenings, I would go to review things with the effects companies who are starting to put the visual effects in, and you’re like, ‘I completely forgot there’s a whole other layer to this!’ We have been painstakingly worrying about the characters and their journey and on top of that is this spectacle embedded in the whole film – and it makes you feel really good.”

He also explained how they wanted to preserve Godzilla's character, yet make him as "real" as possible.

“In a way we approached it was, imagine in 1954 (when the first Godzilla movie was made), that this creature really existed and someone saw him from Toho, the Japanese studio, and went running back to the studio and said, ‘I’ve seen this creature and it kind of looked like this.’ And they tried to draw it and they tried to make a suit and they did a very good job of it but then, when you saw the real creature, you go ‘Okay, I totally understand how you got that suit from that creature but now I see the real thing. Oh my God, I totally believe that it’s completely real.’ And that’s how we approached it. We went through hundreds of designs, and never stopped playing really until the last minute and got to the point where it was like, ‘Is there anything else that we want to change about this design’? And I was like, personally no, I’m very happy with it. And Toho was very much a part of the approval process. So it’s a Toho approved design as well.”

Then most excitedly, when asked about a potential sequel, he said he'd be interested in a "Destroy All Monsters" type film with multiple monsters.

“With the exception of the 1954 original, I would say my second favorite film is Destroy All Monsters. I just love the idea of a monster island. Having a world with these creatures in it. I find that fascinating and would like to treat that realistically. I wouldn’t want to limit it to one other foe, I think it’s more fun to – this question will come back to haunt me if we ever do a sequel – but I think multiple creatures make better movies in terms of the image of Gojira.”

Everything I have heard and seen from Legendary Pictures about the reboot is that this is gearing up to be one of the all time best Godzilla films, perhaps the best, not only for die-hard fans but casual moviegoers alike. We're seeing the beginning of a whole new golden age of giant monster movies.

Godzilla stomps into theaters May 16, 2014.

Godzilla 2014 Plot Synopsis

The King Returns!

Official Godzilla Design Revealed at Godzilla Encounters Event!!

Seeing as Legendary Pictures hasn't yet released a trailer or full plot synopsis for the upcoming Godzilla 2014 reboot, I thought I would piece together the story we know so far based on what we know from set footage, Comic-con teaser footage, and a little educated guessing.

Up to date, the only synopsis released is posted on Legendary's Godzilla page:

"An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, pits the world's most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence."

Godzilla 2014 Official Design Photos

Godzilla's origins are still Japanese and still nuclear. The story takes place in the modern day, but Godzilla may have historical origins in the aftermath of WWII and perhaps re-awakened in present day. Godzilla is bigger than he's ever been, at an estimated 120-150 meters((394-492 feet) tall. However, based on director Gareth Edwards comments in an interview, Godzilla may not have his trademark atomic breath. The only real leap of disbelief he's asking the audience to take is that giant monsters exist

The human story focuses squarely on the three lead characters; Lieutenant Ford(Aaron Taylor-Johnson, His Stepfather"The General"(Bryan Cranston), and his nurse wife and mother to their child. (Elizabeth Olson).

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston on Set for Godzilla 2014
We also have an international supporting cast, French actress Juliette Binoche(Chocolat). When I saw she was cast, I couldn't help but think of John Reno from the 1989 American Godzilla movie. He was a French government agent trying to take responsibility for French nuclear tests which presumably gave rise to that Godzilla. Will Binoche be playing  similar role, probably not. 

Also Japanese actor Ken Watanabe(Last Samurai, Batman Begins, Inception) is co-starring.. Watanabe is playing a scientist, perhaps a reincarnation of Dr. Serizawa from the original Gojira. There will also be a cameo appearance by veteran Japanese actor Akira Takarada, who played the dashing young sailor Ogata in the original Gojira, as well as in numerous franchise sequels.

Plot synopsis:

Godzilla first appears in Japan. It's awakened by or causes the destruction of a "Janjira"nuclear power plant which goes into melt-down. Godzilla destroys a fishing village which later becomes a "Quarantine Zone". Lieutenant Ford and his stepfather, who is stationed in Japan, go to the village to investigate. They've jerry-rigged Hazmat  suits by tying tape around their wrists and ankles to prevent exposure to nuclear radiation and are filmed looking up at "something". (It's unclear as  whether Godzilla attacked the village at sometime in decades past or present.)

Official Godzilla 2014 Concept Art
Later, Godzilla swims across the pacific ocean. He attacks an aircraft carrier and also destroys Waikiki beach. There are lots of shots of destruction and FEMA relief efforts.

A giant, insect like monster attacks an airport, destroying planes. Soon Godzilla appears, dwarfing the other creature and they battle.(I wonder if this monster will be similar to Legion(Gamera: Advent of Legion), Destroyah(Godzilla vs. Destroyah), or Cloverfield monsters with many smaller creatures and a much larger parent monster.)

Godzilla 2014 Insect Monster Foe SketchesThe climactic battle scene takes place in San Fransisco. There's a major battle between the military and Godzilla, there is a "Halo Team" carrying a special bomb and a Geiger counter. It's probably also where Godzilla battles the other kaiju monster or monsters.

This is just a rough outline based on filmed scenes. There will be more details and a trailer soon, I hope.

Godzilla roars into theaters May 16, 2014

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Awesome Godzilla, Jet Jaguar, and Megalon Fan Art

This is a very dynamic Neo Godzilla fan art by Larry Quach. All his stuff is great. The G here looks an awful like the Godzilla 2014 concepts we've seen. We can hope for something this cool next year.

Godzilla 2014 Size Comparison Poster

Here's a good size comparison of "Godzilla Through the Years". The new 2014 Godzilla from Legendary Pictures is expected to be between 120-150 meters(394-492 feet) tall. Godzilla stomps into theaters May 16, 2014.

Post Comic-Con Godzilla 2014 Fan Art

Here are some great pictures keeping along the lines of what we saw at Comic-con. These are really exciting pictures:

The first is "The King Returns" by Sean Sumagaysay at Devientart.

The next is a sketch by Christiana Efthimiou  on the Godzilla Facebook page. Thanks for the image Christiana.

Godzilla 2014 Insect Monster Foe Sketches

These are some sketches done by an attendee of the San Diego Comic-con's Godzilla 2014 teaser trailer. These images com from the Godzilla Movies site.

In the Comic-con trailer, as described by attendees,  there was a giant monster attacking an airport, destroying planes and so forth. It was similar to the Cloverfied monster, but with long spindly, spider-like legs. Then Godzilla's foot comes crashing down, dwarfing the bug monster. Godzilla was truly enormous. Over a year ago, at the previous Comic-con, that trailer briefly showed the remains of a giant insect/centipede like monster. Are these one and the same? I keep thinking that this will be a Destroya/Legion/Cloverfield like monster with many smaller creatures and one giant parent monster. What are your thought? Leave your comments below.



Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Official Godzilla 2014 Design Revealed on Brazilian Poster

Here's a brand new image that was snapped by a kaiju fan at The Licencing Expo in San Paulo, Brazil. This Godzilla 2014 promotional poster with this cardboard cutout o the new design on top. It certainly seems to to match what we saw revealed at the San Diego Comic-con with much more detail. We can clearly see Godzilla's face and dorsal fins, please take note of what appear to be gills on the side of his neck. To me, it seems a strange place to reveal such a image. I can't help wondering if it was intentional, or someone let the cat out of the bag too early. It's awesome, but I'm not completely sure if I like it. The snout seems a little too short and rounded. Somehow, he doesn't look as menacing as in the Godzilla Encounter footage, but perhaps the want him to be more expressive. What do you think? Leave your comments below or in the forum.


Matt Frank Godzilla 2014 Fan Art(Awesome)

This is a great sketch by artist Matt Frank giving us his interpretation based on the designs and footage from the Godzilla Encounter at the San Diego Comic-con. These are pretty awesome concepts that cpture the core of the new Godzilla as we know so far.

Godzilla Encounter Official Designs

These are some official resin designs of the new Legendary Pictures Godzilla taken from the Godzilla Encounter event at the San Diego Comic-con. These  designs are not 100% final, but show the main concept of the 2014 Godzilla. Follow the link at the bottom for more pictures.





Funny Godzilla 2014 Fan Art

Here are a couple funny Godzilla related images I came across. The first shows what you should do(or not do) in case of a kaiju attack. The lower one is from The New Guy on DeviantArt; a chance meeting between the new Legendary Pictures Godzilla (2014) and the "Zilla" from the 1989 American Godzilla film. Enjoy

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