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Friday, November 29, 2013

Incredible Godzilla 2014 Picture

Here's a great picture by Tom Cade on Facebook combining a shot from the leaked teaser trailer with the official title image. So cool!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Godzilla Encounter Window Fan Art

Here's another great fan art from Kaijukid on DeviantArt. He's the same artist who did the "Scram Kid, you bother me" picture with little Zilla, and also the amazing, "Legacy of Big G" that shows all of Godzilla's faces in chronological order including the Godzilla cartoon show and the American Zilla.

The picture below is entitled, "The Bystander" and is inspired by the Godzilla Encounter exhibt where Godzilla appears in front of an office building window. Take note of the "gills" on Godzilla's neck as depicted in the Brazilian movie poster and the new, "Light and Sound" book cover art. This is way cool, big thanks to Kaijukid and be sure to follow the link above and check out his other great work.

Man, I can't wait for this movie to come out already. The Official Godzilla trailer will be released on Dec. 13, attached to The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug. Godzilla decimates theaters worldwide May 16, 2014.

New Godzilla 2014 Book with Full Body Cover Art
Official Godzilla 2014 Design Revealed on Brazilian Poster
Godzilla 2014 Official Design Photos

Saturday, November 23, 2013

2nd Leaked Godzilla 2014 Trailer!!

The Star

After the first leaked Godzilla 2014 trailer from last year's SDCC, that can be watched anytime on this website, there was another leaked trailer found online. We know it's official because it shows previously unleaked footage of stars Arron-Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Bryan Cranston. I can't show it here, but will provide a link at the end of this post. This comes from Ben Wagner on Facebook. Huge thanks to Ben.

Unfortunately, the video is very poor quality, filming a PC screen. It features a motivational speech by actor David Strathairn playing a military commander or perhaps mayor of San Fransisco. He's talking to a special military team about to take a "Halo Jump" from an airplane. He says:

"Frankly, none of us has ever faced a situation quite like this one before.

And I would not be asking any one of you to take this leap, if I did not have complete faith in your ability to succeed.

Your courage will never be more needed than it is today."

We see Arron-Taylor Johnson as one of the team jumping from the plane with red flares. We see them descend into a cityscape in turmoil, presumably under monster attack. We watch them fall through Johnson's eyes. Then the trailer changes at a montage of people running.

Later, Johnson is in a train car being ripped open by something and Elizabeth Olsen holding her son. Then Bryan Cranston in a Hazmat suit opening giant radioactive security doors. Later we see him looking in horror at something. There is an airport being destroyed, perhaps by the Muto monsters we've heard of from this year's SDCC trailer. We see Olsen running to find her son at a FEMA camp and Johnson, spliced with shots from the first leaked trailer. The last moments are the same as the first leaked trailer with Godzilla shrouded in smoke and dust, turning and roaring in profile.

Go here to watch Ben's 2nd Leaked Trailer on Facebook.

Go here to watch the 1st leaked trailer on this site.

The official trailer is expected to be released on Dec 13 with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Godzilla roars into theaters May 16, 2014.

Keep your eyes peeled to this site for more developments.

Chilling Godzilla 2014 Fan Art

This one gives me the creeps. It shows a very feral and hungry Godzilla in black and white stalking a refinery or power plant in the rain. It recalls Godzilla 2014 set pictures of a strange figure with a briefcase at a nuclear power plant.  Enjoy!

Godzilla vs. Smog Monster Sequel in the Works!

Godzilla: Final Wars(2004)
Some very interesting news recently came to light in an interview with Godzilla 2014 executive producer Yoshimitsu Banno about one of Godzilla's most enigmatic foes, The Smog Monster, a.k.a Hedorah, an alien, shape-changing monster that feeds off humanity's filth and pollution. Hedorah appeared in the 1971 film Godzilla vs. Hedorah and also a very brief cameo in the non-stop action Godzilla: Final Wars(2004).

Yoshimitsu Banno
Yoshimitsu Banno is a Toho executive producer and was also co-writer and director of Godzilla vs. Hedorah. The movie featured an infamous scene where Godzilla briefly flies by use of his trademark atomic breath as a kind of jet propulsion. The rather silly scene enraged Godzilla creator and producer Tomoyuki Tanaka who later banned Banno from ever doing another Godzilla film. However, times change and 40 years later, Banno was instrumental in bringing a Godzilla reboot project across the ocean to Hollywood, ultimately finding a home at Legendary Pictures.

There was an erroneous article on the internet that claimed that Godzilla's foe in the new reboot would be Hedorah. We now know that the monsters Godzilla will fight are insect like creatures called Mutos. The Mutos seem to change form during the course of the story similar to Hedorah and some have speculated that this was Banno's influence.

The recent interview comes from the great new kaiju website, Godzilla Fans Universe by Damian Bravo. Banno discusses his inspiration to be a film maker and in the course of their discussion, he revealed something I never knew about Hedorah. In the climactic battle scene, Godzilla ripped into the dying Smog Monster and pulls out organ like structures and finally, two large, white orbs that seem to be eggs and destroys them. Banno revealed that they weren't eggs at all, but actually Hedorah's eyes. Wow, That's even more gruesome!

Then he drops the real bomb. He said he is now developing a sequel to Godzilla vs. Hedorah.  He goes on to name a new, good monster "Midorah" which will fight against Hedorah. What does this mean? Is he referring to a possible sequel to Legendary's Godzilla reboot in 2014, or will this be the beginning of a new Japanese Godzilla series? Will we have two Godzilla franchises going on at the same time on both sides of the Pacific? Regardless, G fans will be pleased that we appear on the cusp of a new golden age of kaiju fantasy films. What's next? Will there be a revival of Gamera, too?

Follow the link above for the full article.

Godzilla 2014: The Hedorah Connection(Yoshimitsu Banno)


In 2010 Toho producer Yoshimitsu Banno from Japan along with American producer Brian Rodgers were shopping around Hollywood with a Godzilla reboot project. Banno had initially tried to develop a 3D Godzilla film for IMAX, but that deal fell through. They eventually came to Legendary Pictures and CEO Thomas Tull who picked it up, making both men executive producers. On May 16, 2014(4 years later), the world will witness the new vision of Godzilla from Legendary and director Gareth Edwards.

Godzilla 2014 Executive Producer
Yoshimitsu Banno
But who is Yoshimitsu Banno? Well, he just happens to be writer and director of one of the strangest and most memorable Godzilla movies of all time Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster(1971), a.k.a. Godzilla vs. Hedorah, and was once banned from ever doing another Godzilla film.

Hedorah: a Unique Vision

Hedorah stands out among the 28 Japanese Godzilla movies. Inspired by pollution on local beaches, Banno wanted to create a film with a dark theme of environmental awareness with his new shape-changing monster Hedorah. It has the most direct social message of any other Godzilla sequel. However, that's not the only thing that makes it unique.

In a stark departure of past Godzilla films where violence and the death of thousands in monster attacks is never directly shown, Hedorah graphically shows dead bodies and people being killed by the Smog Monster and creates a very grim tone.

Hedorah takes a very negative view of the young generation of the day. The movie opens with the young, beautiful Miki in body paint and a skintight suit, dancing on a nightcub table in front of her loser boyfriend Yukio. Whereas the deeply concerned, Dr. Yanno and young son Ken are trying to understand and find a solution to the problem, and Dr. Yanno is actually scarred in his attempts,  Yukio is portrayed as a completely irresponsible, thrill-seeking drug user. Constantly blaming the older generation for the pollution problem and Hedorah's arrival, he is always dragging Miki and young Ken into harm's way for kicks. The fatalistic youth in the movie just want to have a big, Woodstock-like orgy party before the end of the world. This is in sharp contrast to later films like Godzilla vs. Gigan, where the hippie youth are the comical, bumbling heroes of the story.

In the strangest scene of this or any other Godzilla film, we see the big music party on Mt. Fuji with teenagers dancing, when the camera cuts to show the silent, pale faces of  long dead Japanese farmers watching from the tall grass. The ghosts of the older generation watch scowling at the decadence and apathy of the Japanese youth.

But environmental message, death, an apathetic youth, or mysterious ghosts is not the thing that fans remember most from Hedorah and is not what got Banno in trouble. The most memorable scene is when Godzilla flies! Hedorah flees in its flying saucer form, then Godzilla turns around, spreads his arms and fires his radioactive breath which propels him backwards like a rocket and overtakes and actually falls on top of Hedorah. This undeniably silly scene enraged Godzilla creator and producer Tomoyuki Tanaka to the point that he forbid Banno from ever working on a Godzilla film again. Now, 42 years later, we see Banno as executive producer on a new American Godzilla film that may turn out to be the most successful of all time.

The Future

The new Godzilla reboot will feature monster opponents called Mutos which seem to evolve and change form over the course of the story. Did this take a cue from Hedorah, Is this Banno's legacy re-envisioned? It remains unclear, but the Mutos will have a very different origin and will be a metaphor for a very different threat, more along the lines of biotechnology. But that's not all Banno has in store. In a recent interview on G Fans Universe, Banno revealed he's currently working on a sequel to Godzilla vs. Hedorah and even named a new, good monster Midora who would help in the fight against Hedorah. Please follow the link to read the full interview. Is he talking about a sequel to Legendary's Godzilla in 2014, or is this the beginning of a new Japanese Godzilla series? Will we have two Godzilla franchises running on both sides of the Pacific? One thing is clear and I've stated long ago. Pacific Rim was just a pre-cursor. Legendary's Godzilla will usher in a new golden age of Kaiju fantasy films for a whole new generation.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Godzilla 2014 To Have Historical Origins in 1954

Recently Godzilla 2014 Cinematographer Seamus McGarvy(Avengers, Anna Karenina) was interviewed by Pushing Pixels. The website and interview are somewhat technical and not specifically about Godzilla, but more about cinematography in general. However, during the interview, McGarvey revealed that part of the new Godzilla 2014 reboot will take place in 1954, which is the year of the original Gojira film. From the beginning of the production, Gareth Edwards said they were mostly inspired and pulled heavily from the original Godzilla movie. A historical origin to Godzilla is necessary to connect the film to the original Toho character and McGarvey's comments confirm this. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Kirill: Shooting on film had all the imperfections of the analog medium, from the lens distortion to all the mechanical parts to the grain of the film itself, while capturing on digital sensors is much more exact and, to a certain degree, lifelessly perfect. Do you see it as a certain magic that will be gone from the moviegoing experience?
Seamus: It is, and I did like those aberrations. We can still preserve this with lenses, for instance, that are now more vital as we put them in front of the sensor. On “Godzilla” I used the old C series anamorphic lenses, and for the section in 1954 I used really old vintage lenses from the early 1960s. They took the edge off of the very vivid, sharp sensors, and gave it a distant period feel. That’s exciting as glass is coming back in terms of lending difference to each project that we do. It’s nice to be able to interfere with image, to sort of mess it up a bit.
There’s a lot more that we do now in digital intermediate [DI]. That becomes a much more important part of my job because of the possibilities of the manipulation. Now I try to have my contract include that they keep me on to DI. You used to do it physically with film stock, pushing and pulling different processes, and now it’s done entirely digitally. In some ways you have a lot more control in the digital realm, and it’s not baked in either.
I still conceive of something of how I would do it on film, so I’m not just sitting in the DI trying this and that. I still have the same disciplined approach to imagining what the image might be. For example, for the 1950s section on “Godzilla” I knew that they look I wanted was a peeled look with muted colors and diffusion on the highlights, a sense of period distance. I found a lot of photographs and magazines, and I knew that I wanted the blacks to be imbued with a tint of magenta. I assembled a lot of references, and I was able to show it and do some tests in advance. We nailed the look when we established a lookup table which we applied every time we shot those section. It was the same pre-conception of what we were going to do on the day.
(I initially though Ken Watanabe would play a Dr. Serizawa like character in the past. If he does appear in the present, will he make the ultimate sacrifice to stop Godzilla like in the original film?)
McGarvey also said as a cinematographer, he's no fan of shooting or watching 3D and considers it more of a marketing gimmick that he hopes goes away soon.  Doing Avengers that way was a "complete pain in the ass". "Godzilla" was shoot in 2D, but will have a 3D version.
We know the official trailer will b released with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug around Dec. 13, next month. We'll see what plot details it reveals. 
Godzilla will decimate theaters on May 16, 2014

Godzilla 2014 Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Recently, we're seeing the first trickle of the coming deluge of Godzilla 2014 related merchandise. Here's a cool item no G-fan would want to be without, A customized Godzilla case cover for your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone The product lists for $14.66:

  • Made of high quality TPU material and with the excellent customized printing image on the back.
  • Protect your mobile phone against scratches,dirt,grease,fingerprints and other daily damages.
  • The installation process is quick,simple and 100% perfect fit.
  • The protector case can give you a touch feeling of light and soft.
  • The TPU material has the high toughness and malleability that the plastic material can not match.

B2C shop DIY premium customized phone case cover:Completely protect your phone from scratches,dirt and bumps.Light weight,customized design.Precise openings on the protector case can allow access to all buttons on the iphone 100%.Brand new,high quality and easy to remove and install.100% perfect fit.The protector case has no impact to cell phone signals.

Order yours today:

New Godzilla 2014 Book; "Godzilla: The Art of Destruction"

There is now another Godzilla 2014 book available for pre-order from Amazon about the making of the new Legendary Pictures movie. It's scheduled to be released at the same time as the movie, on May 16, 2014. Read the description below.

Published to coincide with the release of Warner Bros. and Legendary’s Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards, this visually stunning book presents an extraordinary new vision for the beloved character through a dynamic selection of concept illustrations, sketches, storyboards, and other pre-production materials. Godzilla: The Art of Destruction is the definitive book on one of the most anticipated films of 2014. Featuring interviews with the director and key crew and cast members, the book tells the complete story of the making of Godzilla from concept to final frames. Comprehensive and enthralling, Godzilla: The Art of Destruction is a book that no fan will want to be without.

Follow the link above to place your pre-order today.

Put your Trust in Godzilla!

A buddy of mine sent me this. I thought it was a riot. If more people put their trust in Godzilla, th world would be a happier place.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Godzilla 2014 Book with Full Body Cover Art

Breaking news! There is now a new book Godzilla 2014 based book available for pre-order from Amazon(Canada). The new book lists for CDN$ 10.47 pre-order ana apparently comes with light and sound. But what has fans excited is the cover art that features a full body shot of the new Godzilla! To me, the head is from the Brazilian poster on a new illustrated body. This is an official image, though and the title image "Godzilla" is now trademarked. Follow the link to get your pre-order. Awesome!


Watch The Godzilla 2014 Teaser Trailer Now!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Epic Godzilla 2014 Panel and other Fan Art

Here's a great selection of Godzilla 2014 fan art. The first is an epic, comic book style panel based on the leaked teaser trailer. This comes to us from Onore-Otaku, a.k.a. Jason Heichel on DeviantArt. It shows the smoldering remains of the centipede like monster and another spidery kaiju, presumably the Muto monster we've heard tell of. Godzilla is roaring in the background, triumphant, holding a ripped off Muto wing. This is really a professional, comic book quality panel, My hat's off to the artist,  from one Jason to another. He should be on the Legendary payroll.

The second is a cool rendition of the king destroying a cityscape.

I love the last one. It's a comical shot of the American "Zilla" getting he better of his newer, darker cousin. I can hear Zilla's words, "Come on big G, smile for the camera."

Bow Down to the King by Onore-Otaku

"Smile! from GalooGameLady

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dynamic Godzilla 2014 Fan Art and Gamera Poster

Here are some cool fan arts. The first two come from 100MegaGNA on twitter. The first is a really dynamic Godzilla 2014 sketch and the other imagine is  what happened to the train from the leaked teaser trailer. The Godzilla here is the concept design sculpture from SDCC' Godzilla Encounter event. This is in no doubt inspired by a famous promotional still from the original Gojira which showed Godzilla chomping on a train, a scene which didn't appear in the film.

The last is a Gamera version of the Godzilla 2014 official movie poster.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Time Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Ever on Earth

Time to get serious for a moment. We know Godzilla is a nuclear metaphor, but maybe it's important to put this into perspective. This is from the site Memolition. It's a surreal and very sobering video by Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto showing a  time lapse world map of every nuclear explosion in history from 1945 to 1998 by the 7 nuclear power nations, The United Stated, Russia, Great Britain, France, China, India, and Pakistan. Give you one guess as who did the most. I had no idea there had been so many at 2053. Some years in the early 60's or late 70's it just goes crazy. Makes you wonder how the human race has survived this long. Godzilla is fiction, this is not.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Cute Godzilla 2014 Leaked Trailer Remake

Here's a funny, low-budget remake of the leaked Godzilla 2014 teaser trailer by DaAlgonzo97 from Youtube. It uses toys and cardboard buildings. The soundtrack is the same as the leaked trailer, super serious. It's a simple, yet effective remake. My hat's off to the creators. Enjoy.

The official trailer is expected in the middle of December attached to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Hang in their fans, the wait is almost over.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Chomping on Muto Fan Art

Here's a kind of funny, obviously photoshoped image of the new Godzilla taking a bite out of one of the Mutos. This picture combines several images, the Godzilla Encounters sculpture, the Brazilian movie poster head, and a fan art muto. I take my hat off to them. Somebody spent a long time putting this together. Could we see a scene like this in the new movie? I hope so.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Awesome Godzilla 2014 Fan Art Sculpture

The amazing artwork below is not an official design, but a fan made sculpture based on current images of the new Godzilla from the San Diego Comic Con Godzilla Encounter sculptures or the leaked teaser trailer images. This comes from Chan Takahashi  on Facebook. This is not the final design, but gives you a pretty good idea of the new Godzilla. The next thing fans are eagerly anticipating is the Official Godzilla 2014 trailer to be released with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on or about December 11th. So until then, we'll have to be satisfied with Chan's amazing sculpture. Visit his Facebook page to see more images of the sculpture being made. Thanks

Friday, November 8, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Teaser Trailer Comic Book Art

This is comic book panel fan art also by Kaijugroupie84 at DeviantArt like the one I posted recently of the leaked teaser trailer from last year's Comic-con. This interpretation is of the new footage shown at this year's Comic-con. The footage, which has yet to be released online, was described by attendees; a giant spider like monster(we now know are called Mutos) attacks an airport and then Godzilla's giant foot comes down, dwarfing the creature. The text and latter pictures take artistic license, but may be similar to what may happen in the actual film. Very Cool!
Thanks Kaijugroupie84!

Godzilla 2014 Statue and Face Picture

This is a fan-made photoshoped image that's floating around the internet, but it's probably very close to what the new Godzilla will look like. It's a clever combination of two images; the Gozilla statue from Comic-con's Godzilla Encounter(the tail of which adorns the Official Godzilla 2014 movie poster) and the face is from the Brazilian expo poster seen online. This is not an official image, but gives you the idea. Nice job

Godzilla 2014 Poster/Sculpture Comparison+Official Godzilla 2014 Design Revealed on Brazilian Poster 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Teaser Trailer in Comic Book Panel Art

This expands on a Godzilla fan art I posted earlier. This was done by Kaijugroupie84 at DeviantArt. It depicts in graphic art form, the leaked teaser trailer for Godzilla 2014. Each panel shows an image and a line from Oppenheimer's famous speech.

"We knew the world would never be the same..."
"...a few people cried..."
"...most were silent.."
"..I remembered a line from the Hindu scripture..."
"Vishnu takes on his multi-armed form and says..."

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."

Gives me the goosebumps every time. Watch the trailer again and compare.

Cool Godzilla Pencil Sketch!

Nice Godzilla pencil sketch. Very scary! He's watching you.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Muto Fan Art

Here are some fan art interpretations (from Deviantart) of the 8-legged Muto monsters we know will be in the new Godzilla 2014 film, based on a Comic-con attendee's sketch and one dubbed "Vishnu" based on the centipede kaiju carcass seen in the leaked teaser trailer. The creature comes into view at the same moment Oppenheimer's words in the background say"Vishnu took on his multi-armed form...".

by Daizua 123

by Daizua 123

by ThrillerZillaArt

D'oh! Happy Godzilla Day, But No Trailer!

D'oh! (Homer's voice)

November 3rd, 2013-Happy Birthday Godzilla! Everyone's favorite radioactive lizard turns 59 today. But despite wide spread rumors(in no small part by yours truly), there was no official trailer released today for Legendary's Godzilla 2014 film and footage shown at Italy's Lucca Con a few days was the same as the leaked trailer. Nobody was more disappointed than me. I truly believed an official trailer was going to be released today. I think Legendary missed a huge viral opportunity with Godzilla's birthday. They haven't done much after San Diego's Comic-Con and the leaked teaser trailer. I think they're losing valuable hype-building time.

However, there was a snippet of information at Godzilla-Movies that according to twitter, Warner Bros. International said the trailer would come out with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug around December 11-13(depending on what country you're in).  I guess Legendary thinks a movie about a giant fire-breathing reptile is the best time to reveal it's fire breathing iconic monster. This has yet to be confirmed and I'm still hopeful that the Godzilla trailer will be released with Thor 2: The Dark World next week. Regardless, it looks like Godzilla fans will have to wait a bit longer.

In the meantime, here's a great article from Tokage Kinja, "Five Biggest Challenges Facing the 2014 Godzilla Film".

Godzilla desolates theaters on May 16, 2014. Stay tuned here for more developments.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Godzilla 2014 Pencil Sketch and More Fan Art

Here's a great pencil shetch of Godzilla by Tom Cade and a selection of some nice Godzilla 2014 fan art. Enjoy.

Tom Cade via Facebook

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